Bill Clinton is too old to be elected president and hello!!!..... he and Hillary are the same age.

Let’s assume, just for the purposes of this diary.. that Bubba’s political career had somehow paralleled that of California’s governor Moonbeam, Jerry Brown. That is,  Clinton did not win the 1992 nomination, and after years of chasing women and  trying  to make some money, he’d run for governor of Arkansas again ( and yes, yes, I know that Arkansas has absolute term limits –  this is just to make a point) and was now in his second term, and was running for the White House in 2016.

To be blunt…he couldn’t. Clinton appears old, slow , tired..almost slightly enfeebled. Just watch this clip…don’t pay attention to what he’s saying..just watch the body posture, the facial expression..


There is no way that he could survive  the rigors of a presidential campaign, and the voters would soon sense that he lacks the physical stamina for the job.

By comparison, watch this clip of Jerry Brown, who  is TEN YEARS OLDER  than Bubba, yet who here comes across as far younger, more alert, active..one could even say virile. Again, ignore the words..just watch the posture, the delivery:


Don’t be confused…I’m not suggesting here that Brown is a candidate..

And that’s Hillary’s problem:  the fact that she and Bubba are the SAME AGE. Everyone always says that Bill is Hillary’s  best asset..even though he occasionally steps in it ( like when he admitted that it took her six MONTHS to recover from the head injury. Big OOPSIE that!!)

But I don’t think he is…He’ll be out there, or trying to..like he was in 2008..but it won’t work. He will remind the voters, and reinforce the image that Hillary is old, that her health is an issue, and that she’s likely not up to the campaign, let alone the White House.