It's the Democrats, NOT Republicans, who are about to make the same huge mistake over Benghazi as they did with Clinton's impeachement

As the Benghazi investigation heats up with the appointment of a Select Committee in the House, Democrats and the MSM are tripping over themselves in hand-wringing displays of  concern for the GOP, reminding everyone how previously Republicans supposedly overplayed their hand, regurgitating ad nauseam the factoid that in the 6th year the President’s party ALWAYS loses seats’ excepting of course, in 1996, when the Democrats actually GAINED seats; no doubt because the voters were appalled and disgusted at the endless investigations of Clinton over what was essentially “just about sex”..and the nationwide dialogues about semantics and the true meaning of “is.”

Which of course is pure crapola.

Let’s take a quick look back, shall we?

Immediately after the Republican controlled House voted to impeach Clinton, the entire House Democrat conference piled into buses for a ride to the White House, where they held a pep rally for Slick, with Al Gore leading the cheering; proclaiming Bubba as the greatest-president-that-absolutely-ever-was. Period. Like global warming…..er, climate change, it was settled science.

Now consider just what would have happened if  after the Lewinsky scandal broke, before Ken Star had begun work, before  we had to deal with Vince Foster, Paula Jones, and  Kathleen Willey, not to mention Linda Tripp and blue dresses; Democrat leadership had told Clinton that he must resign.

Yes, Clinton would likely have fought it at first, but with much of his own party deserting him, the MSM would not have been as monolithic in their defense, and he would have probably resigned in a short time.

But it’s what would have happened next that Democrats today are forgetting, to their peril: Al Gore would have been sworn in, and without a doubt would have easily won the 2000 election.

The voters were sick and tired of all things Clinton by that  time; Gore (either due to blind party loyalty or outright stupidity, take your pick) had tied himself completely to Clinton’s fate, and the country was not going to vote for a third Clinton term.

Recall that in the late 90’s the world was pretty much at peace…we were enjoying the happy new reality of the end of the cold war. The economy was doing well, the stock markets were soaring, and a newly installed President Gore would have enjoyed all that, as well as the genuine goodwill that most Americans extend to their new leaders, especially those who come to office in times of crisis.

And let’s not forget that Tipper Gore would have been a very popular, and unifying first lady, simply because she wasn’t Hillary Clinton.

Gore would have won very easily.

Note: part of me can’t ignore that had what I’ve written above actually transpired, then Gore would have been president on 9/11.  And that’s a scenario that is too frightening to contemplate. Others might even choose to view it as definite proof that God exists, and that he loves this blessed country of ours.

So then..Benghazi, today….The Democrats are marching in near perfect lockstep opposition to the new House investigation. They’re all “Ready for Hillary” and can’t wait to anoint her as their nominee for 2016.  They’re convinced that this latest investigation is designed to damage her chances.

And they’re right. It  WILL damage her badly, possibly fatally, but only if, unlike Gertrude Stein’s Oakland, there IS actually a “there, there.”

And that’s what the investigation will show, or not.

By stalling, denigrating, opposing the investigation…drawing it out..the Democrats are guaranteeing that it will drag on well into next year. And if they are wrong, if Clinton and Obama do indeed have dirty hands over Benghazi, (let alone blood on those hands) then it’s game, set, match.

For not only will Hillary be finished, but by forcing every Democrat to walk the plank with her via their unfettered support, she’ll have made it impossible for any Democrat to win the White House.