Has Chris Christie been emasculated by Bridgegate?

A very small group of left wing students and faculty forced Condi Rice to withdraw as commencement speaker at Rutgers.  Actually, when the university officials refused to forcefully stand up for academic freedom, Rice chose to gracefully withdraw, rather than create a scene that would detract from the commencement experience for the vast majority of students and their families.

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, Rutgers is THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY. Chris Christie just happens to be the governor of New Jersey. A Republican governor in a blue state, who is considering running for the WH in 2016.

Christie’s press conferences and town halls have become media hits. He’s put everyone, from teachers, union officials, Democrats, in their places, deflating  their balloons, in a gruff, take-no-prisoners style. It’s given him near rock star status in many GOP circles.

So I was expecting the governor to, well, comment at length, and forcefully, about the goings-on at THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY, and the abject failure of the administration ( all government employees, BTW) to stand up and do the right thing. It was the perfect opportunity for him to engage with the enemy,  tear the Rutgers administration, and the left-wing faculty fringe a bunch of “new ones”….and, oh yeah… to rebuild his image.

So, I waited, and waited, and waited…..

Instead, what we got was a pathetically weak and tepid Tweet:

“As usual a class act by a  great public servant RT”

…..followed by a link to Rice’s withdrawal statement on her FB page.

Hardly a “Profile in Courage.”

So why did he punt?