Lois Lerner's so called "waiver of her 5th amendment rights" was staged, to delay the investigation

I’m watching the House Rules Committee hearing, as they get ready to vote a contempt citation for Lois Lerner.  It’s obvious that Lerner, likely in cahoots with other officials at the IRS and the Obama White House, staged the entire scene in order to grad out, and delay the investigation, while attempting to allow the Democrats to demean, denigrate,  and diminish Issa’s investigation.

Consider. Lerner is an attorney. Her husband is a highly regarded attorney. She was represented by a most capable attorney.

She announced prior to the hearing that she would exert her 5th amendment rights. She could have simply made that statement at the hearing, then Issa would have excused her. She could then have left the hearing room, walked into the hallway, and uttered the exact same 17 denials of wrongdoing to the pack of reporters and media that were following her.

And there would be no problem, and no question of whether or not she waived her 5th amendment rights.

Indeed, Issa might not have even bothered to call her, except that you will recall that a day or two before, her attorney dropped a hint that she might indeed testify; guaranteeing that the committee would call her.

Thus, one can only conclude that the entire sequence was staged, and carefully orchestrated. This hearing today, prior to the vote,  has now become a debate on what Issa supposedly did wrong, cutting off Cummings microphone, and constitutional rights.

This has been dragged out, successfully by the Democrats.

It’s obvious that they are scared about the IRS hearings,  that serious crimes were committed, and that it goes all the way deep into the White House.