It appears David Dewhurst can't get elected dogcatcher in Texas: He's about to lose his primary...again!!

Schadenfreude, dept of…..

My, my, my..how have the mighty fallen……

David Dewhurst,  two years ago was busy looking for a home in Washington DC, expecting to be the next senator from the great state of Texas..

Well, that didn’t turn out too well, now did it?

Dewhurst, the consummate RINO, was forced into a run-off, and then lost to Ted Cruz. And, oh yeah..he spent millions of his own funds on his losing campaign.

Utterly obliviously to the voters’ rejection of himself, and what he stands for, he decided to run for re-election as Lt. Governor, and it appears that  he’s heading to another spectacular loss…..he’s down by some 20 pts to State Senator Dan Patrick.

He’s also throwing away more of his millions..

What’s next…dogcatcher?

Isn’t there a rattlesnake roundup somewhere in Texas? Don’t they need a commissioner?

There was a debate last night. If you’re interested, here’s the story, and video…..


Guess Dewhurst’s home in Austin will soon be on the market….