First take: Trey Gowdy will be the 2016 GOP VP nominee

One of the joys of making early-on, (and some might say outlandish) projections; is that if you are correct, you’re a genius – if you’re wrong, no one remembers what you said a long time ago.

With that, let’s look into the future.  John Boehner, bless his heart, has FINALLY done something right, announcing that he will appoint a Select House Committee. Even better, though it hasn’t been officially announced, Trey Gowdy will be named chair.

Red Staters are well aware of Gowdy’s talents and abilities. He was on Fox tonight with Greta..here’s the clip, it’s must-see TV:


When the committee gets up and running, Gowdy is going to be a national presence almost EVERY night; and yes, the MSM will be forced to carry it.

I trust the committee will be able to uncover, and prove, the complicity of the Obama administration in the Benghazi tragedy, and in the process derail Hillary’s 2016 candidacy.

When this happens, Gowdy will rise to the top of everyone’s list of VP candidates; indeed, there is not one potential GOP contender that he would not make better.

And Gowdy would be  superb on the campaign trail.

The timing is perfect. It’ll likely take the committee more than a year to conduct the investigation. By that time we’ll begun to have weeded out some presidential prospects,,and the talk will start to turn to the bottom of the ticket.

Cruz/Gowdy 2016!!!! Be still  my heart!!!