What did we learn from today's House hearing? That John Mica CANNOT be the next chair of the Oversight Committee

Any conservative who watched this morning’s House Oversight Committee hearing on Benghazi should absolutely cringe at the thought that John Mica will succeed to the chair in the next Congress.

Note: If a video clip becomes available..hopefully someone will post it.

Words like inept, pathetic, feeble utterly fail to describe Mica’s performance today.  Indeed, if one not familiar with American politics had just tuned in, that person might well assume that Mica was in the Minority on the committee. We were treated to the spectacle of the first person to question the day’s  STAR witness actually arguing with him.

As I understand the GOP caucus rules, Issa is term limited from serving again as the committee chair, unless an exception is granted by the House GOP leadership. Not everyone here  is a fan of Issa’s, but the guy is trying, and has accomplished some good things, given the incredible stonewalling by the WH on releasing subpoenaed documents.

Mica would be an utter disaster, and the loudmouthed hack Cummings would steamroller him during any hearings. Indeed, let’s not forget that Pelosi had no reservation in ignoring the Democrat’s vaunted adherence (except-when-necessary) to seniority principles, to boot Edolphus Towns from his position as incoming ranking member; correctly fearing that Towns would be unable to match wits, and oratory, with Issa.

Well, the GOP has its own version of Edolphus Towns. It’s John Mica.

Please, dear God….NO!!! Not Mica.

Mica should hang it up anyways. He’s been there far too long. He’s a big spender, has long been a supporter of the Federal government spending gazillions on railroads.  He had a primary challenger in 2012, sadly none this year; but it’s way past time for him to go.

If the GOP leadership won’t give Issa another term as committee chair, then it’s time to shake things up, hand the reins to a younger, more articulate conservative voice.

There are several superb candidates on the committee now: Jim Jordan, Jason Jaffetz, or my personal favorite, Trey Gowdy.

The next Congress will have to deal with many failures, and crimes,  of the Obama administration; the Oversight Committee will be busy, very busy.