It is time for conservatives to form the ABC (Anti-Boehner Caucus)

Erick’s latest post “To Change America” and its frightening opening line, “Stories continue to trickle out about coming Republican betrayals…”  continues to raise the alarm, and offers a solution:

“The only way to change the direction of the country, is to change the direction of the GOP. The only way to change the direction of the GOP is to unleash hell in the Republican primaries.”

Absolutely 100% correct.

But we need to go much further, and do it now, immediately. Don’t wait for the GOPe to start selling us out after the primaries. Go on the offensive NOW.

Simply put, we need a new caucus now, the ABC: Anti-Boehner Caucus.

The math is obvious. There are 435 members in the House. A simply majority, 218, elects the Speaker. The GOP currently has 233 representatives. I think that due to Obama’s vanishing popularity, the GOP will gain seats in the House this November.

Let’s assume that we gain 7 seats. That gives us 240. Thus,  all we need is for 23 members of the House GOP caucus, (that’s LESS than 10%)  to pledge not to vote for Boehner, or Cantor, or anyone else for Speaker, UNLESS the current leadership now makes TWO absolute, irrevocable pledges:

1. The House will take NO action on any immigration bill whatsoever until after the election.

2. The House will take NO action on Obamacare, other than legislation to totally repeal it, until after the election.

Note that this is NOT an anti-Boehner alliance per se.  That’s the key point. Nobody is now threatening to run against Boehner. This makes it all about him, what he does, or doesn’t do.

Rather, it only demands that the Speaker  make two pledges. If Boehner does so, then he can likely retain his positions. If not, then the only way he could  be elected Speaker is with Democrat votes..and that would be the end of the GOP as we now know it (and some here might say that’s a good thing, but that’s a topic for a later diary.)

Some may ask why I add the qualifier “until after the election” to my proposed pledges. I’m making two assumptions here that I believe are valid:

1. The next House GOP caucus will be more conservative, due to retirements and primaries.

2. The GOP will likely win the Senate, and the GOP conference WILL be far more conservative than at present. The 7-10 about-to-be elected Republican senators will have won by pledging to OPPOSE amnesty and to repeal Obamacare.  Any House legislation that would sell us out now would probably not get through the next Senate.

Surely there are 23 true conservative House Republicans ( including those running in primaries, who are willing to take a stand now. I am not expert enough in the primary races, the open seat contests, as well as currently serving (and all-but-likely to be re-elected) Republicans to put together the list of names to take the pledge, but it shouldn’t be that difficult to identify those most likely. I think we’d come up with 40+ names easily

And lets have a few conservative groups get together, possibly with Red State taking the lead,  and invite them all down for a weekend in the near future. I’m sure Gov Haley would love to host the group ( all the Republican congressmen from the state would attend).

Forget the “beer summit.” Let’s call it a “sweet tea and barbecue” get-together.

Here’s the point. What do we have to lose? If we don’t take action now, to let Boehner and his group know that we mean business, they’re going to get their way.

We’ll see amnesty passed, with 100% of Democrat votes, and a few Republican moderates voting for it. And we will be well on the way to losing our beloved nation as we know it.

It’s time now for a preemptive strike. Hit them first, right between the eyes! Like dealing with a stubborn mule;  you’ve got to get its attention first.)

It’s right there, a very workable solution. All it takes is for a few people of courage, a few principled groups, to take the initiative.