Is America ready to elect Golda Meir, er........Hillary Clinton, as President?

First, let’s be perfectly clear. Hillary Clinton is no Golda Meir.

Clinton has the blood  of four dead Americans at Benghazi on her hands; Meir ordered the Mossad to hunt down and kill the terrorists responsible for the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics.

But this diary is about the media circus that is our national elections today. Our politicians Tweet, they go on Letterman. They take “selfies”, and give an interview disguised as a potted plant. They attempt to be hip, cool, to reach out to the young demographic and  to hold their attention long enough to get them into the voting booth.

So yes, we speak  today of ageism, sexism, and “image.”

Watch the video of Golda Meir’s reception at the White House in 1969. (It’s not necessary to view all of it..but do watch from 4:00-6:00, and 13:00-17:00)

And as you watch realize that in 2016, Hillary Clinton will be the same age as Golda Meir when this was  filmed:


Most on the right were banging their heads against the wall at Hillary’s and Chelsea’s JOINT announcement of THE pregnancy; the timing seems TOO perfect by far. Indeed, the initial gushing reactions from the MSM appear to bear out the fear that we’re condemned to 9 months of a nationwide communal gestation, and that Hillary won’t have to to bother kissing babies on the campaign trail; she’ll be lugging her own “prop” along at every whistle stop.

Cue to video of Hillary holding newborn Clinton aloft to a cheering, oohing crowd: “THIS is why I’m running for President. It’s for the children……(long pause, smile, wink)..AND the grandchildren!!!” (Wild applause)

I’m not so sure of that.   I think that Hillary’s  soon-to-be-minted image as the kindly , benevolent grandma will backfire; it won’t play well. Heck, today’s  youngest voters..these ‘Millenials” or “Gen Y” won’t even listen to their parents..if they did, for one thing, we wouldn’t have the huge spike in out-of-wedlock childbirths…so why are we to automatically assume they’ll want to vote for their grandmother for president?

Throughout her career, Hillary has attempt to do “glamor.” Not well, but  she’s tried the best with what she had.  But now, to be candid, she’s not aging well. Gravity is taking its  inexorable toll on  her body. She increasingly  looks, and sounds,  dowdy, frumpy , and  tired. Heck, Biden looks like a young pup next to her. Can she project that she’s  up for the challenge?

The stress of year+  long campaign will be brutal. She’s trying her best to avoid a primary season..she want s a coronation..to be nominated  early on by the “inevitabilty coalition,” the “Ready ( or not) for  Hillary!!!” crowd….Here she comes!!

We’ll  just have to wait and see if America is ready to elect Granny Hillary to the White House.

Author’s sidebar: Just wanted to give an  big attagirl!!! to Breeanne Howe, who each week at Red State pens “The Vine,” which brings us the latest news form the pro-life community.

With  the news that Chelsea’s  preggers, we’ll soon be inundated with images of the the “Clintonian baby bump.” Hopefully the pro-life   spokespeople will be able to gently, but  forcefully remind the rest of us  that  the “bump” isn’t a mere “mass of unformed protoplasm,”  but in fact it is a miracle, a beautiful unborn infant.