Jim Moran retires from Congress; joins the Tea Party

Jim Moran, (D-Va) announced his retirement from Congress last week, and to just about everyone’s utter astonishment, promptly came out in support of the Tea Party.

Moran stated that members of congress deserved a raise; that it was impossible for them to live on $174,000/year, with the demands of the job ( i.e maintaining a second residence), unless they had other sources of income.

Moran, long viewed by many as one of the dumbest members of Congress, (albeit when sober) had it partially correct. See, members of Congress get paid $174,000/year; however, that’s not what they actually get to live on.

Sadly, there’s that little thing called TAXES.

There’s Federal, State, and Local taxes, then there’s Social Security and Medicare taxes, and now  (courtesy of Moran and his fellow Dems) there’s the new Obamacare tax.

Everyone’s tax situation is different, depending on, for example,  if they’re single or married, have kids, or a mortgage, etc, but it’s reasonable to assume that the total, across the board whack to the paycheck is about 40%, if not higher.

So Moran earns just under $15,000/month, and everyone should be able to live on that, right?

Except that Moran actually takes home about $8700/month, and as the Bard put it so eloquently, “aye, there’s the  gouge….er, rub..”

See, Moran’s actually right.  Who would have thunk it? Amazing, isn’t it? Go figure!  OK, let’s do just that.

Assume a mortgage payment, including taxes and insurance, of $4-5k. Utilities ( electric, heat, phone, cable) a minimum of $500/month. A car payment, insurance, maintenance, gas (darn, it’s getting up near $4/gallon again)…another $800/month easy..

Food for a family..$800-1000/month…and that’s not counting the occasional meal out..the special at Appleby’s ..or a movie, or a trip to the nearby mall.

See, it’s just about all gone, and that’s before buying anything, like clothes, or Christmas presents, liquor (especially hard in Moran’s case)maybe replace the TV, or the washing machine…or any of the zillion other things we need, and use, every day..

Moran’s actually stumbled onto the truth..Congressmen, like the rest of us, are taxed far too much. It’s not what we make, it’s what we get to keep, to take home.

Moran’s retiring; sadly, we won’t be able to help him out. But let ‘s all vow to do our part, do our best to give our hard-working, and long-suffering elected representatives the raises they so richly deserve.


BTW, cynics have suggested that Moran is retiring because there is “Obama” (er, zero) chance in hell that the Democrats will win back the House before 2022, and it’s really not a whole lot of fun serving in the minority.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In keeping with the principals of his newly embraced Tea Party, Moran has come out in favor of term limits.

The Congressman feels that an even dozen terms, 24 years,  is more than enough.