Why not change the rules to keep the RNC, RSCC, and RCCC from playing in the primaries?

Every two years, we get several stories about how the  national GOP campaign committees are meddling in primaries, either to support an incumbent, or to promote a favored candidate for an open seat.

You’d think that after the debacle in Florida in 2o10, when they went all-in for Charlie Crist, they’ve have learned their lesson; but NOOOOOO, not the case.

This year, the issue is more prominent, as several senators are facing challengers from the right, and are in danger of losing their primaries.

So why not try and end the practice by an institutional rules change?

As I understand the system, the overall umbrella organization is the RNC, which currently has 168 members. The two “hill” committees, the RSCC, and RCCC, though in actuality  pretty much”controlled” by the GOP members of the House and Senate, are legally creatures of the RNC, which authorizes them every two years.

It’s time for a resolution in the RNC to prohibit all three from interfering in GOP primaries, either with money, staff, or both.

There most likely aren’t enough votes to pass this now, but surely there are enough conservative RNC members to introduce the bill, and force it to a vote. Let’s get everyone on the record for now; it’s how we begin the process of changing the game, and the GOPe.

Some will maintain that the national committees aren’t that important anymore, that PACs are the big players in the money game, and that smart people donate directly to the candidates they support, or to groups like “Club for Growth” that have a specific agenda, and support like-minded candidates.

That’s true, but the national committees still raise a lot of money, and are wasting a lot of it on intramural Republican politics, rather than allocating it to defeating Democrats.

There is indeed an ongoing battle for the soul of the Republican party, and we should not miss the opportunity to engage them on every front.

There are 24 GOP senators up in 2016, and by my rough count, as many as 10 will retire or face a primary. It’s time to start sending a message to the national party to stay out of the primaries.