Is Obama trying to, well.."insure" that Democrats LOSE the Senate

It just doesn’t add up. Consider:

1.We’re now being told that “more than 6 million have “enrolled” in Obamacare.

2. We are NOT being told how many have actually PAID a premium, which is the only way one can in fact secure coverage.

3. Some have suggested that as many as 25% ( likely even higher in the all-important coveted “young and healthy” demographic) won’t pay their first month’s premium.

4. The administration is  flat-out lying when it says that it doesn’t have the number of those who have paid “currently available. Of course they know. And if it was a favorable ( for them) statistic, they’d be hanging a banner from the Washington Monument  with  the number,

5. So, sometime  in the near future, after the enrollment period finally comes to an end, there will be a big drum roll, and we’ll be told that somewhere between 6-7 million have “enrolled.”

6. And sometime soon after that, we’re going to get the actual number that have paid, and it’s going to be a lot less.

And then what happens?

Some 15 Democrat Senators who voted for Obama and are up for re-election this November are in varying degrees of trouble, ranging from the “dead man walking” Mark Pryor in Arkansas, to the “formerly viewed as a shoo-in” Mark Warner in VA.

Where do they then go? What do they say? What can they do? Maybe they can start working on their concession speeches.

Seriously, what’s going on here? This administration is cunning and calculating. They’re not  stupid. Why go through this elaborate charade, only to be forced to fess up a few months later, and leave Congressional democrats with a lot of egg on their faces, and a lot of “‘splainin’ to do.”

What are we missing? What’s really going on here?