Fecklessness has its rewards: Barack Obama will be the next UN Secretary General

Reading the news that the US was preparing to cede control of the internet to “the world community,” a.k.a. Red China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, et al, was at first a head-scratcher. Why? What’s Obama doing? It makes no sense. He’ll piss off even a lot of Democrats.  He’s not THAT stupid.

That was soon followed by the “AHA!!!!” moment. Now it ALL makes sense, a LOT OF SENSE!!!

It’s obvious that Obama loves campaigning, he’s just not that into governing. He does , however, have one more campaign in him…. he’s now running to be the next Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Obama’s term expires Jan 20th, 2017.  In case you hadn’t noticed, the term of the current SecGen expires on Dec 31, 2016.

What does the SecGen do? Actually, pretty much nothing. Gives some speeches, chairs a few meetings, attends lots of receptions and parties, and flies around the world a lot. The job comes with a lot of perks, including a five story town house on Sutton Place, lots of staff, a practically unlimited budget. There’s nothing to well,  govern.  The UN charter does not list any specific duties or responsibilities in that regard. No pesky rules or regulations, like a Constitution, to be concerned with. It’s perfect for Obama.  And let’s not forget all those great golf courses in the metropolitan area.

The UN Charter provides that the Secretary General shall be appointed by the General Assembly upon recommendation of the Security Council.  As the five permanent members of the council have veto powers, Obama has to get the approval of Russia and China, and he’s in.

Historically, the job of Secretary General went to a neutral, or third world power, as during the cold war era the USA and USSR would veto anyone from the opposite faction.

And if there are any murmurs of opposition to Obama, well..look for Obama to fess up that he’s really Kenyan, after all…and thus a “third-worlder.”

The UN is becoming more and more irrelevant. The Secretary General has less impact than a Cabinet undersecretary.  I’d wager that 95% of American couldn’t  name the current Secretary General ( Go ahead, can you??? See what I mean..)  A GOP president, with a GOP controlled Congress, might well  move to cut the US appropriation to the UN, which would really mess thing up over in Turtle Bay.

The Obamas could, in an instant turn things around, and put the UN on the front page. Imagine Barack and Michelle ensconced in NYC, to  the adulation of an adoring media.  The UN might even be able to get its expansion plans off the ground..( and in the process, construct a big new office from which Obama could survey the world)

So all he has to do is win the support of Russia and Red China. The US, Britain, and France will support him. Let’s face it, a President Lyndon LaRouche, let alone a President Rand Paul, wouldn’t dare oppose Obama.

So if we view all of Obama’s policies and decisions in the light of attempting to curry favor with the Russians and Red Chinese, well..it starts to make sense.

*Allow Red China’s massive military build-up to go unopposed. Instead, pull back US forces in the Pacific, and reduce our ability to project force. “Carriers? We don’t need no stinkin’carriers.”  Obama’s allowing the Chinese to dominate the region.

*Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Ukraine.  I mean, could Putin ask for anything more than what Obama’s allowing him to get away with?

*Obama’s environmental and economic policies are badly hurting the US economy, while allowing China to continue massive economic expansion, and the accompanying pollution it brings. Russia will continue to have a market for its energy exports to western Europe, and the political power that comes with the ability to turn off the valves, and/or jack up the prices.

*And  now we’re handing over control of the Internet to whom?….yup..the bad guys.

Just a few…..there are many more.

Obama told Putin that he’d have more “flexibility” after the election. He surely has demonstrated that.

Ask yourself, why would the Russians and the Red Chinese oppose Obama as the next Secretary General?  He’s giving them all they could ask for now. What more could they want?

And as for Obama, it’s a perfect fit, even more than it’s the ideal job description for him. After all, what’s the guy gonna do next? He’s young, too young to retire to Hawaii and play golf.  Teach law? Lecture? Nah…He can’t be a senior statesman for the Democrat party..by the time he leaves, the Dems will be in the electoral wasteland, having lost control of the Congress and the White House, not to mention most state houses. He will have succeeded, wildly so, in  “fundamentally transforming..the Democrat party.”  Democrats will soon look upon Carter with fond memories.

Simply  put, there’s no room for Obama and Clinton on the same stage. What’s Barry gonna do..another “global initiative?” Nope. But the guy does have a monstrous ego, laced with narcissism, that needs an outlet. Remember the  Greek pillars ? The vow to make the oceans obey his commands? He needs a stage, a platform……

And where better than at the UN, “ruling the world.”

And BTW..there’s no pesky rule in the UN charter limiting him to  two terms..

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