If Hillary is the Democrat nominee, who might her VP be? And would it have to be a black or Latino?

The speculation about Hillary continues. Her supporters are attempting to make  her nomination seem inevitable ( again) And we all know how that turned out last time. She’s raising gazillions for the campaign, yet she hasn’t announced. Many think she won’t run, for a variety of reasons. I’m of that persuasion, and laid out my reasons why in an earlier diary:


For a great many reasons, she’d like to delay her formal announcement as long as possible., thus freezing everyone in place.Yet others who are contemplating running( Warren, O’Malley, Schweitzer, “moonbeam” Brown, and Cuomo) have to start planning sometime soon, albeit very low-key.

We’re well aware of the Clinton’s penchant for keeping an enemies list, and no one wants to get on their bad side unnecessarily.  So I initially thought that they might feel compelled to keep their powder dry lest they ruin any chance of being picked as her VP candidate.

But then I realized that none of them really have a chance of being chosen for the VP slot.

Warren: Two women on the ticket? Nope

Cuomo: Both from NY,  the pesky 12th amendment problem. Unlike Cheney in 2000, a sitting governor of one state can’t suddenly change his residency.

Brown: Too old. We can’t have both the  president and VP in a “dead pool”

In addition, they all share the same disqualifier as O’Malley and Schweitzer: they’re white.

Nope, if Hillary runs, she’ll feel the need to choose either a black or latino as her VP candidate. And since we’ll have just finished 8 years with a black president, and blacks vote in lockstep with the Democrats 95% of the time, that pretty much indicates a latino on the ticket.

But who?

OK, we all agree we can cross Bob Menendez off the list. And has anyone seen or heard from Bill Richardson lately?

And here’s where I actually surprised myself. You see, there really isn’t one that’s qualified to be president. I went looking for lists of prominent Latino democrats.Not one is remotely ready for prime-time.

But look at the GOP list: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Brian Sandoval, Susana Martinez, Raoul Labrador, Alberto Gonzales, just to name a few. So why do we so easily accept that Democrats will have a lock on the Latino vote?

But back to Hillary, and my original thesis: she can’t name a Hispanic…there’s no one qualified.

So then OK…not a Latino, not a black, not  a female. That leaves ( gasp) white guys. And they’ll.have to be reasonably  young

Note: Speaking of age, check out this recent video of Biden:


In the extreme close up, he looks really old, and tired. People talk about  Reagan’s age when he was elected, but the Gipper was healthy and vigorous looking by comparison. In today’s visual media driven politics, Biden has no chance. He won’t run.

So then, by process of circular reasoning, if she runs. she picks either O’Malley or Schweitzer. They’re young, yet both have experience as governors.

My take, FWIW: O’Malley.  I just think that Hillary would be more comfortable with him.

But go ahead, ask yourself: if she runs, who would she pick to run with?

And that really demonstartes just how shallow  is the Democrat candidate pool  for 2020. They’ll literally have no one to run, that has a chance of winning.