Senate Conservatives Fund calls for Boehner's ouster next year. WHY WAIT? ( and exactly how does one take down the Speaker?)

In the wake of yesterday’s complete cave to the Democrats, in passing a clean debt-ceiling bill,  the Senate Conservatives Funds has said that Boehner must go. Matt Hoskins, the groups’ executive director, said that Republicans should block him from the position at the beginning of the next Congress.

To which point I would like to ask: WHY WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT CONGRESS?

The reasons for doing it now are many, and all are vitally important. Here’s a few

1.  Boehner might try to pull a fast one on immigration.

2. Why go into the fall campaign, and the start of the next Congress, knowing that there will be a leadership battle first thing.  Boehner is weak now, obviously. The first principal of war is strike while your enemy is vulnerable. Don’t give him time to regroup.

3. Boehner’s already given signals that he probably won’t run again. A lame-duck in Washington  is, by definition, weak, if not useless.

4. Taking Boehner out now would keep Cantor out of the Speaker’ office. He’s as bad as Boehner.

In the past, Speakers have resigned when faced with ethical issues. Or, if they feel they’ve lost the caucus, they don’t run again.

But what’s the mechanism for forcing out a sitting SOTH?

Would there be a vote of “no confidence” in the House GOP caucus?  Boehner would lose that hands down…no way he gets a majority.

But unlike the Senate, where each party choses its leadership, the Speaker is elected by the whole House. So, in theory, a majority of the Democrats, plus a few Republicans, could keep Boehner in power. Could it actually come to that? Or, if he lost a vote of confidence, could we assume that Boehner would  resign? I can’t see him fighting to stay, knowing full well that he’d be ousted next Congress.

Some would say that you can’t toss him out until you have a replacement. I think that’s true. The anti-Boehner forces need a candidate to put forward. And whoever it is, that individual only needs a simple majority of the GOP caucus to be nominated forSpeaker. Once the conference has decided, the 218 votes to elect are there.

A few names have been mentioned, but none has really caught fire as yet. And no one is willing to toss his name into the ring, and risk the consequences. “Profiles in Courage” they’re not.

The Speaker of the House does not have to be a sitting member of the House. It is therefore time to think outside the box.

My first choice: Jim DeMint.  The reasons why are obvious.

Second choice:  Tim Scott.  That would be just awesome.  The reason why are also obvious.

Scott has bonus reasons, among them really pi**ing off the entire Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP leadership.

Again, the question  must be addressed: Why not get rid of Boehner now??