OK, let's pass immigration reform now, but delay implementing it until Chuckie Schumer leaves office

When I first heard this absurd proposal, I thought that some news outlet had somehow picked up a piece from the Onion, and thinking it was for real, ran with it. After all, we’d just spent the past week pondering Tom Sizemore’s “revelation” of a  year-long affair between Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Hurley, so Schumer’s idea, by comparison,  had a ring of  plausibility.

The fact that Schumer would actually make such a proposal illustrates that the Democrat party has absolutely zero understanding of the origin of our constitutional republic, and the intent of the Framers in bequeathing to us this form of governance that  surpasses any other that has been attempted.

The problem with refuting Schumer’s inane proposal via a carefully reasoned argument,  pointing out all that’s wrong with it; is that doing so gives Schumer’s  “idea” some credibility, which it does not deserve. Also, you can’t really argue with a closed mind.

However, in the spirit of bipartisanship, which Democrats crave, we do owe them a counter proposal. And here it is:

The House will move to act on immigration reform now, but  will delay any implementation of the law until AFTER Chuckie Schumer leaves office.

Let’s see: Schumer’s  63. “Sheets” Byrd died in office at age 93. Chuckie works out, eats healthy. I wish everyone a long, healthy life. Yup..the country would be safe until 2050. A lot can and will happen before then.

Works for me..