Wendy Davis: Proof positive the Democrats are irrevocably, and above all other factions, tied to the pro-abortion forces

Will Rogers once said ” I am not a member of any organized political party. I’m a Democrat.”

Those words are truer than ever today. The Democrat party is basically a loose coalition of disparate special interest groups; joined together in common cause to enable them to achieve political power and feed at  the public trough.

The list is well known: Labor unions, the NEA, GLAD, blacks, latinos, environmentalists,  amnesty advocates, gun-control proponents,  etc. But just as George Orwell told us that “..some animals are more equal than others…” the same is true within the makeup of the Democrat party today.

It is inevitable that there will be disputes among so many diverse factions; i.e. environmentalists vs. unions over the Keystone Pipeline. But there is one constituency which demands 100% obesiance and fealty; an absolute, unwavering, and unforgiving loyalty to the cause, and that is the pro-abortion rights lobby.

They force Democrats to stand in lockstep and attempt to defend, and justify such horrific acts as partial birth abortions.  Yet the rigidity of the movement will not even permit one of its most ardent advocates to cite a pro-life “moment” ( or two) in her own defense.

Such are the stringent demands it makes on its own: “Life” is not a good thing…it can’t be advocated as such.

For proof, I give you Wendy Davis.

Her campaign is imploding, to the extent that she is now channeling Mikey Dukakis, and posing with a rifle ( albeit NOT a tank). Such action would get her suspended, if not expelled from most high schools and colleges in the country. And she’s just come out in favor of open carry laws.

You’d think someone in her campaign wold know that in politics the only thing worse than appearing desperate is to be seen as being ridiculous.

Davis has been spot-on portrayed by Red State’s Erick Erickson as the “abortion Barbie.” Her two daughters have stepped forward to dispute claims that she was somehow not a good, caring mother to them.

But has anyone noticed the obvious: that she in fact HAS two daughters. She chose NOT to terminate those pregnancies ( for which I’m sure her daughters, and many others, are now very grateful.) By the arguments she herself makes, she could have justified aborting both girls (especially the first, conceived when she was young, and unmarried)

And  spare me the platitudes that “hey, it was in Texas..it wasn’t available” Anyone smart enough to get into Harvard Law would have found a way to get an abortion. Greyhound goes from Texas to most parts of the country where it could have easily, and cheaply been done.

Don’t misunderstand me here.  I’m not defending Davis ( though I too, am glad that she decided to to keep her daughters.) My point is that she has a viable defense ( enough for a talented spinmeister) to the “abortion Barbie” label.  But she can’t/won’t use it.

She’ll lamely accuse her opponent ( who’s wheelchair bound) of not having “walked in her shoes,” a weak reference to her life story, but she won’t stand up and shout the obvious..”HOW CAN YOU ACCUSE ME OF BEING A WANTON, CALLOUS ADVOCATE FOR MURDER WHEN I HAVE HERE TWO LOVELY CHILDREN THAT I CHOSE  TO BRING INTO THIS WORLD?”

Or some such rot, depending on how talented, or desperate, her campaign staff is. It would be effective, to some extent. It’s a simple, powerful statement that the MSM would embrace to further her cause. It would deflect much of the criticism leveled against her.

But she won’t use it. Because she can’t. Because to do so would be also to admit that it can in fact be done. The infants can be brought into the world. That millions of innocent, unborn lives don’t have to be ended because they might somehow pose a difficulty, an inconvenience, to the mother.

And that is Davis’ dichotomy, and her problem.

It’s well established knowledge that the overwhelming number of abortions are done as a means of birth control. And an astonishingly high number of women have had multiple abortions. That’s the sad end result of advocating for a “woman’s right to choose.”

Davis, to her credit, chose a different path.  Twice. Yet she can’t take credit for that decision, use it to defend herself, define herself, because the pro-abortion lobby won’t permit it.

This is  the mast to which the Democrat party has lashed itself.  And they are about to go down with that ship.