Is the GOP focus on immigration a smokescreen to avoid the debt ceiling debate?

I’m  confused, and cynical, at the same time.

We’re being inundated with stories about the new GOP focus on immigration reform, and leadership’s apparent  determination to yield to the Democrats, despite the  fact that the majority of the base, and probably the House GOP conference, is opposed to it. Several superb front page stories  today outline the folly, and the likely consequences, of following this course.

Yet there’s no ticking clock…no immediate urgency to do this now, at this very instant.

However, there is a clock that is ticking away madly..the debt ceiling clock. And very, very soon, we’l have to do something about it. So isn’t this the issue that we should be focused on  right now?

GOP leadership has taken a stance, a forceful one. There will NOT be another government  shutdown. Period. So, they’ve pretty much disarmed themselves. Obama has stated he demands (there he goes again)a clean bill, a blank check. He wants it raised.

Has any Republican asked in public a really simple question, like ” so  how much more  debt do you want this time, Mr. President?” Shouldn’t we have an idea of what we’re up against?

Instead, we’re hearing that possibly we might demand some minor concessions.

Again, the only possible reason for all the focus n immigration is that it means we are not having any discussion about adding another $2-3 TRILLION to the debt before Obama leaves office.

Thus, it’s likely that when his 8 years in the Oval office ends, he will have DOUBLED the national debt under his watch.

And what do we have to show for it?

More to  the point, what’s going on? Are we to be presented with a fait accompli, and told that we “can’t risk the 2014 elections by being blamed for shutting down the government…”

Is GOP leadership so weak, so craven, so shallow?