Open discussion: Who would you like to see deliver the GOP response to the State of the Union?

Obama has  just told us that he has a “pen, and a phone” and that  he really doesn’t need Congress at all, so maybe he’ll boycott the SOTU, and just “phone it in”? That would spare us all another political diatribe. Nah…he’ll show up.

But who should deliver the GOP response? I  was initially going to write “conservative response,” but that’s not a guarantee. Supposedly Boehner and McConnell will decide, after consultations, who gets the gig. McConnell no doubt would love  to name himself, but that’s not gonna happen. ( Or could it? Would he dare? Just how bad are his internal polls?)

It won’t be Chris Christie, or  Sarah Palin, or either one of the Koch Bros.

Since the Watercooler seems to be on vacation,  or possibly sabbatical, opine here: who’d you like to see answer Obama?

My vote, FWIW: Mike Lee. He’s conservative, photogenic, and a great speaker.

And just for fun…see if you can guess one of the guests that Obama’s gonna stash in the  gallery? Trayvon’s mom,  perhaps?