Could the Duck Dynasty incident cost Mary Landrieu her Senate seat?

Oh, the pure joy of unintended consequences….

Everyone here is likely familiar with the recent events concerning the Duck Dynasty patriarch and A&E placing him on suspension ( while at the same time continuing  to run the shows  pretty much non-stop.) It is by far the most popular program on cable TV, period! And a huge money-maker for the network.

Last night , on Megyn Kelly’s show, LA Gov Bobby Jindal gave an impassioned defense of  Robertson and the show, and skewered the network, and the liberal media in general for their hypocrisy and narrow mindedness. He was very effective.

Over 90% of evangelicals support Phil Robertson, and agree with his views, as do most Republicans and conservatives. The Robertsons are a LOUISIANA-based family and business, and wildly popular in the state.

Mary Landrieu, even before this occured, was viewed as being very vulnerable, in part because of Obamacare. She has attempted to split the baby here, doubling down on her support of the ACA, (calling the premise a good idea) while at the same time trying to distance herself from the botched roll-out, by introducing a bill that would somehow magically force  the insurance companies to …presto!…make the now cancelled policies instantly re-available.

It’s really dumb…it won’t work..but you gotta hand it to the little lady for trying. She won’t go easy into that dark night of defeat.

However, I’m predicting that the Duck Dynasty brouhaha will end up costing Landrieu her seat. She won’t be able to duck it…( gawd…I love a bad pun….)heck, I suspect that Maness and Cassidy are already busy trying to arrange photo-ops and appearances with the Robertson clan.

And she can’t even appear to be supporting them one iota, or she’ll run the risk of being ostracized by one of the Democrats core constituencies..the gay lobby.

What’s a girl to do?

A. Well, she could introduce Senate resolutions in support of 1) Ducks Unlimited and 2) the ducks at the Peabody Hotel, and then claim that she was “confused” and that she didn’t have “all her ducks lined up”  (again..I love it) on this important issue.

B. Bring in  Alec Baldwin to campaign for her.