Obama to attend Mandela's funeral; but couldn't spare the time to attend Lady Thatcher's.

It’s funny how putting words to paper helps clarify one’s thought processes.  As you can tell by the headline, when I started to write this, it was born of some disgust at the endless outpouring of praise for Nelson Mandela.  Actually, it’s more at the rewriting of history, the complete ignoring of his radical, terrorist roots.

Mandela, in the period of less than a week, will be buried, eulogized, beatified, and canonized. Jesus gets more opprobrium than Mandela in the world media.

We all are aware of Obama’s attitude towards the British, the “special bond” that has united our two nations through centuries. Obama began his presidency by shipping back the bust of Winston Churchill that had long graced the White House. He then chose not to attend Lady Thatcher’s funeral.  Indeed, his administration gives more import to a visit from an NHL champion, or the winner of the NCAA women’s basketball  tourney. Heck, he probably spends more time worrying about his NCAA bracket than  US-British relations.

So when I read that of course, the Obamas would attend Mandela’s funeral, I felt the urge to pen a semi-snarky diary reminding everyone that he skipped Lady Thatcher’s funeral, hence the headline.

But I’m actually now pleased by the fact that he didn’t attend.  It was a beautiful event, and we were able to focus on the Iron Lady, and her legacy. And I rather suspect that Maggie herself was probably glad that Obama wasn’t there: she couldn’t suffer fools, and despised “poseurs.”

So, Obamas, enjoy it for a few more years.