With the nuclear option invoked, if the Democrats win the WH in 2016, conservatives can kiss the Supreme Court goodbye for the next 20 years.

There are two key immediate implications from Reid’s decision to go nuclear and end the filibuster:

1. Democrats figure they will lose the Senate in 2014, so they will try to push through as much “hope and change” as they can in the next year.

2. Justice Ginsburg is now a lock to retire before the  end of the current term. Her announcement will come early next year, and will be effective when a successor is confirmed. This will allow Obama to appoint a young, very liberal individual (and I expect it to be an African-American).  Reid, having defied Nietszche, and successfully “peered into the abyss,” will threaten to go all-in and  change the rules for confirmation of Supreme Court justices if the GOP filibusters the nominee. After all, why shouldn’t he?

For conservatives, this makes the outcome of the 2016 presidential election crucial. IF WE LOSE THAT RACE, WE CAN KISS THE SUPREME COURT GOODBYE FOR THE NEXT 25 YEARS. A  new Democrat president will likely be able to nominate  from 2-4 justices, and that means the Court will devolve into an advocate for a liberal, expansionist view of judicial powers.