Time for House Republicans to introduce another bill to repeal Obamacare?

The bad news for all things Obamacare continues; including last night’s stunning revelation that at the same time Obama was (sort of) apologizing to Americans for (sort of) misleading them about whether or not they could (sort of) keep their policies if they (sort of) liked them, lawyers from the Justice Dept were telling a federal judge that the administration  fully well (NOT “sort of”) knew that tens of millions of policies, INCLUDING employer sponsored group plans, would not be in compliance with the Obamacare regs by the end of this year.

OK, we get it: Obama flat-out lied. And heck, even Kirsten Gillibrand admitted that all the Democrat senators KNEW he was lying.

But what’s different this time out is that this past Friday, 20% of House Democrats deserted Obama to vote for the Upton bill. This is the first overt sign of panic in the Democrat ranks. Possibly they broke ranks because Erick Erickson made the convincing argument that the Upton bill fell somewhere between dumb and stupid; ergo, they should support it.

The Upton bill is DOA in the Senate; Reid won’t bring it up, despite 15 Democrat senators having a collective political “near-death” experience in a meeting with senior WH staffers a few days ago.

Which brings us to the question: Should the House GOP immediately introduce another bill to repeal Obamacare?

I must confess an affinity for the Nathan Bedford Forrest school of politics: when your foe is in disarray, in a state of panic, it’s time to “keep the skeer on ’em.” 

How many of those 39 House Democrats who voted for the Upton bill would be compelled to now vote to repeal Obamacare? In as much as Obama has said he would veto the bill, because it would have the effect of killing the ACA,  it would make those who now didn’t vote to repeal seem, well…Kerryesque:

I voted to repeal Obamacare before I voted NOT to repeal it..

It would cause considerable aggravation in the Democrat leadership: Pelosi would be forced  to make several more completely idiotic statements,  causing some members of her caucus to cringe. Obama is already a lame duck, but if  you haven’t noticed, so is Pelosi.  She won’t even assert that the Democrats will win back the House, and there is no way that she is their leader after 2014.

So why not  keep holding their feet to the fire, amp up the pressure?

There is another electoral maxim, to the effect that when your opponent is committing  political suicide, just stand by and watch. Let the Democrats turn on each other as they run for cover. This appears to be occurring , and the bad news will only continue as the administration fails to meet its stated goal of having the website fully functional by the end of November. And heads will roll then ( I believe Sibelius will soon be acquainted with the underside of the bus). So, leave them to self-destruct.

A good argument can be made for this “strategery,” but I’m inclined to favor another vote to repeal.  A vote, on the record, up or down, is forever. It can’t be undone, explained away. It will put tremendous pressure on the administration, and also on Reid over in the Senate. Those red state Democrats up for election in 2014 will be screaming/begging for an opportunity to get on the record to demonstrate that they didn’t really mean it when they voted for the ACA.

Mr. Speaker..let’s have another vote.

FYI..interesting read from IBD..”Suddenly it’s OK to talk Obamacare repeal..”