Obama: "I said the Obamacare website would be fixed by 'the end of November.' However, I didn't say which year, though. Would you believe 2015?"

Valerie Jarrett, the “Madame DeFarge” of the Obama administration, gave voice to the obvious yesterday. She  admitted that the White House would not meet its promised goal of fixing the website; rather she lowered the bar to  say that “they hoped for  substantial progress by the end of the month.”

Video here:http://www.livestream.com/dealbook/video?clipId=pla_b1444a7d-7e42-4279-b5f5-5b36c5a107bc

Look for lots of people to pick up on this trial balloon soon, and it will suffer the same fate as the Hindenburg.

And for a somewhat different perspective on the whole mess, watch what happens when Hitler finds out that Obamacare doesn’t work:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xB4wC_oxoCA

There is often truth in humor. It’s even possibly that most of those surrounding Obama  were afraid to tell him that it wouldn’t work.