Rick Perry for Senate?

Just reading an article about  a new poll http://www.newsmax.com/Politics/john-cornyn-ted-cruz-texas-conservative/2013/11/07/id/535469 which restates the obvious; that a majority of Texans don’t think that Cornyn is conservative enough for them.

It mentions David Barton and Rep Louie Gohmert as possible opponents. There has been some speculation about them on RS and elsewhere, though yesterday Barton said he would not enter the race, and Gohmert hasn’t decided either way.

But to me, the real surprise in the poll is that Gov. Rick Perry is the overwhelming favorite, besting Cornyn  46-35.

I hadn’t heard anything about Perry running for the Senate. Anyone have news. While he’d be a reliably conservative vote, I somehow don’t see the Senate as fitting Perry’s executive management style and temperament.

And yes, it is a PPP poll. I haven’t looked at the internals, who they were actually polling.

If Barton’s out, and Gohmert doesn’t run…who’s there to oppose Cornyn? And please don’t suggest Tom Delay.