The last days of NYC......Occupy Wall Street gets to well, "occupy" Gracie Mansion

New York City has been nothing but resilient over its long history. It’s survived John Lindsay, Abe Beam, a bankruptcy in all-but-name, subway strikes, garbage strikes, David Dinkins, a  three-day pogrom against Hasidic Jews, squeegee men, hordes of homeless sleeping and defecating on the city streets, and of course, 9-11.

It took Rudy Guiliani about a year to really start to turn things around, and for the next 20 years under Guiliani and Bloomberg’s no-nonsense approach to crime, the city has experienced a remarkable renaissance. Murder and other violent crimes have greatly decreased.  The city is cleaner, and safer; heck, it’s just nicer. It’s boomed these last two decades, and is a mecca for both millions of tourists, as well as wealthy foreigners who purchase residences here. Real estate prices seem to defy gravity.

Twenty years is a lifetime. For those who can recall the dark days, it’s like a faded, distant memory.  Just ask anyone who commuted into Grand Central in the 70’s and 80’s. Today, it’s an absolute jewel. Back then, it was like descending into Hades. For the majority of those under 40 in the city today…including the million or so who commute daily into NYC for work, it’s ancient history..like Vietnam…they weren’t there.

Thomas Jefferson warned us long ago that we would indeed elect the government we deserve. However,  the sage of Baltimore, H.L.Mencken prophetically foresaw NYC’s future, when he “updated” Jefferson’s  adage:

“People deserve the government they get, and they deserve to get it good and hard…”

New York  City is about to find that out.

We know all about Bill De Blazio, who today will be elected mayor. I need not restate the record here.  The progressive coalition that has put him in office is the same that gave birth to, and supported the OWS (Occupy Wall Street) movement. Remember how Democrats initially embraced the poor souls camping out in the city’s parks?

Well,  today, they don’t need to worry about sleeping in the parks anymore. They’ve been handed, literally, the keys to Gracie Mansion, and they can all camp there for the duration.

As a former life-long New Yorker ( I left in 2007) a part of me is glad that progressives have finally won the victory, the mandate they seek. ( I should add here that if you think DeBlasio is a hard leftie..just wait until the new city council gets going. Guiliani and Bloomberg pretty much told them for 20 years to go and pound sand….the council has very limited powers…but the new council, these are the same folks that plucked DeBlasio from obscurity and made him mayor….well, he owes them…so we’re about to see every progressive hair-brained scheme and wet-dream come to fruition in the council, and be supported by the mayor.

New York City will be the perfect political and social laboratory to study just how quickly the disease of progressivism can bring a great metropolis to its knees, and the brink of financial ruin.

John Carpenter’s 1981 film, “Escape from New York” ( Imdb link and trailer here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082340/?ref_=nv_sr_4 ) depicts a time when NYC became so ungovernable that the rest of the US blocked off all the bridges and tunnels, patrolled the waters around Manhattan, and turned the island into a well, maximum security prison, albeit a self-governing one.

Carpenter’s vision is about to be realized. And while it’s happening, look for a million or so of the evil “1%” to also escape from NYC.

We’re all familiar with the dramatic images of “before” and “after” that track every disaster. With NYC, we’re about to be given a third vista: “Before, “After,” and “BACK to the future.”