Carney, you jackass, that "measly 5%" you so cavalierly ignore is about the same number of uninsured that Obamacare was supposed to "help"

At the end of the panel on Special Report last night, Steven Hayes sort of tossed out was is an absolutely brilliant, and total refutation of all the BS we have heard lately from Obama and his henchmen.

As reports continue to come out about the millions of people ( for now, those who have individual medical policies) who are receiving cancellation notices, despite all of Obama’s earlier PERIODS!! (that you could keep your policy and your doctor) t he Democrat fall back position has become that this only affects  a measly 5% ( sure sounds better than saying 15  MILLION) and that these were all lousy policies, sold by evil, rapacious insurance companies. Ergo, no big deal.

But we were told early on that the number of uninsured in this county was somewhere between 20-30 million,  and America, great nation  that is is, could not let that continue..yada yada, yada..

So, to hopefully better the lot of there people, we will have to  completely destroy the health care system that 80%+ of Americans are happy with..

Sure takes a lot of broken eggs to make an Obamacare omelet..