If Obama was in charge of automobile insurance...........

NYPD studies have shown that more than 50% of the cars in the Bronx are uninsured.Estimates are that 1 in 7 drivers in the US operate uninsured motor vehicles.   This is a greater number than those that lack medical insurance. Surely, this can’t be allowed to continue.

Only the federal government has the ability, skill, and resources to solve this growing problem. Most uninsured drivers do so because they simply can’t afford the high premiums. Even lumping them into state-sponsored “high  risk pools” hasn’t solved the problem. And if you’re a male, teen-age driver, or the parents of one, well…you know exactly what I mean..

Obama has thus proposed the Affordable Driving Act, or ADA, but that’s already been used, so they are calling the bill the AMVOPA (Affordable Motor Vehicle Operators and Passengers Act) And when it’s finally passed, and rolled out, here are some of the many benefits you’ll soon be able to enjoy:

*Deductibles will rise to $2000, and premiums will increase by an average of 65% across the board.

*There will be surcharges for certain classes of vehicles: among them pick-up trucks, and sports cars with 8 cylinders

*There will be a surcharge for any vehicle capably of exceeding 75 mph, increasing geometrically as the top-speed capability increases arithmetically.

*Motorcycles will have to be equipped with ports into which the helmet is plugged. The motorcycle won’t start until the helmet reports that it is on the driver’s head. Motorcycles will also require breathalyzers before they are able to start.  However, they will not be required to test for presence of THC, as this is now legal in several states.

*Insurance identification cards will be emailed to you via the DOT website. However, as we have been experiencing delays with the system, in the interim you will be able to pick up your cards at your local post office during normal business hours.

*To further promote gender equality, premiums for teen-age females will rise to the same as that of teen-age males. However, unwed mothers will be eligible for a special subsidy.

*Premiums for 4WD vehicles will be twice that of 2WD vehicles. This is only fair.

*There will be a premium surcharge if you regularly transport large animals ( over 75 lbs) in the back seat. If your vehicle doesn’t have a back seat, there will be an additional surcharge.

*You will receive a $50 discount for each cup holder in your vehicle. These promote safe driving, as  more cup holders make it easy for the driver to reach for a  can of beer  cup of coffee without distraction.  Note: Cup holders MUST be organic to the passenger cabin. Those attached via duct tape, velcro, super glue, or similar means, will not qualify for the discount.

Note:  At present, we have not yet finalized premiums for convertibles. Some staffers want to reward them with a subsidy for being “green” as they use less energy (A/C  has far less usage, and obviously,  less steel is employed in their construction. Others feel they are an inherent  danger, and want to impose a surcharge. Final regulations should be promulgated right after the 2014 midterm elections.

And best of all, if you don’t have medical insurance, and are driving an uninsured car, and have an accident, say because you were DUI, you’ll be able to sign up for auto insurance, medical insurance, AND insurance to cover your attorney fees while you are in the ambulance riding to the hospital. A feature of the legislation requires that all EMT personnel be certified as AMVOPA navigators, and all emergency vehicles be equipped with data transmission capability to enroll you en route, so that your ID cards are waiting for you when you arrive at the ER, or the jail, whatever the case may be.