A question for Senators Cruz and Lee: Do we have the right to expect that you will both soon endorse the primary opponents of McConnell, Graham, Alexander, and Cochran?

Dear Senators Cruz and Lee;

This is an issue that must be addressed; a question that you, and others must soon answer.

The Senate has voted, and 16 other Republican senators joined with both of you in opposing Obama  and the Democrats. Sadly,  27 of your colleagues did not support you. And now, several of them will face primary races in 2014.

Sarah Palin stood with you this week, and after the vote, she summed it up in her own succinct style, speaking truth to power:

“Let’s start with Kentucky, which happens  to be awfully close to  South Carolina,  Tennessee, and Mississippi. From sea to shining sea, we will not give up. We’ve only begin to fight.  We will not give up.”

In  the poker game “Texas hold’em,” this is known as going “all in.” This is the “schwerpunkt” –  the focus of the battle to return this great nation to the right path. However,   the battle for the Senate in 2014 is not worth the fight if it means that we continue to send back to Washington the same old senators who have sold us out time and again.

Senators,  the two of you have inspired tens of millions of Americans.  We’re committed. We’re getting involved. We’re organizing, and raising funds, and some brave souls are stepping forward to run against the  Republican establishment.

But Senators, with the greatest respect, this is also an important  moment for both of you. You cannot  ask of your supporters that they do that which you may not be willing to do yourselves.

I don’t believe that is the case. You are both men of principles and values.

It is time to speak. And it is also time for the 16 senators who supported you to speak as well.