Texas Conservatives: Here's an idea; run Rafael Cruz in the primary against Cornyn

John Cornyn seems to be getting nervous. Perhaps he’s watching the challenges being mounted against Lindsey Graham, and noting the retirement of several GOP senators, who decided to forgo very difficult primary races.

In any case, Cornyn is attempting to convince the good people of Texas that he is, in fact, a staunch, strong,  reliable conservative. Good luck with that.

He has yet to draw an announced opponent for the primary, though many would love to see Louis Gomhert or Ted Poe challenge Cornyn. So Cornyn’s preemptively trying to make his case to the base.

Anyways, here’s his ad, and the WaPo story:


But there is one person who would be a formidable challenger, and already has the benefit of tremendous name recognition: Rafael Cruz, the father of Ted Cruz, and already a hero of the Tea Party.

For those not yet familiar with Ted’s dad,  “National Review’s” Robert Costa had a superb profile a short while back:


And a Rafael Cruz campaign would be the most ecologically friendly, “green” campaign ever: all those “Cruz” buttons, and yard signs could be recycled.

OK, Texans….go for it.