Sign up here to be Lindsey Graham's "enemy for life." ( Trey Gowdy..are you paying attention??)

Well, well, well…….

Seems like old Lindsey’s getting his knickers all twisted up. Faced with growing opposition at home, including three already announced primary opponents, the senator is instead doubling-down; blasting Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, and saying that  anyone who causes a government shutdown will be his “enemy for life.”

His use of the word “enemy” is rather curious, BTW…but that’s for another time.


Where do I sign up? Oh, over there, at the end of all the very long lines of folks who are already fed up with Graham, and are now somewhere between being riled-up and pissed off.

The other day I posted a diary on RS ,calling on Trey Gowdy to step up and run against Graham in the primary, because he offers the best chance to beat Graham. It’s here,


and resulted in a lot of interesting comments. Many said that Gowdy has no interest in serving in the Senate. But Graham, by his comments, is basically telling Gowdy that the tea party conservatives are idiots. It’s as if he’s purposely poking a stick in Gowdy’s eye, daring him to run.

Graham’s gonna face a primary –  it’s just a question of against whom. And I can’t wait to see if he’ll bring  John McCain into South Carolina to campaign on his behalf.

To repeat: Rep. Gowdy, leaders lead, from the front. Time to step up, and enter the senate race. You will have all the $$$ you need, and an army of volunteers to blanket the state. We’re waiting.