It is time for Trey Gowdy to step up, do the "right" thing, and enter the primary against Lindsey Graham. It is time to "cleanse the temple."

The battle for the hearts and minds of the Republican Party in Congress is heating up. The just-completed shameless display staged by RINOs and so-called establishment Republicans; their total failure to support the efforts of Ted Cruz to defund Obamacare; their willingness, nay, eagerness, to attack conservatives, as opposed to fighting Obama’s agenda –  it clearly shows that we have a truly Herculean task ahead of us…the congressional Augean stables must be swept clean.

The Bible describes it succinctly . Matthew 21: 12-13

“And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple,and overthrew the tables of the money-changers,  and the seats of them that sold doves.  And said unto them, ‘It is written. My house shall be called the house of prayer, but ye have made it a den of thieves.’ “

Congress has been aptly called a “den of thieves” for years, as both parties have colluded in expanding the government, in size, and scope,  into all areas of our lives never intended by the Framers, and enriching themselves in the process.  And they are indeed “money-changers” all; they are changing the money of “we the people” into trillions of debt, untold trillions more of unfunded promises,  and all supposedly “backed” by an increasingly worthless currency.

As we head into the 2014 election, many RINOs have seen the light, and elected to retire, rather than face primary challenges, and likely defeat. Several more are still undecided, but hopefully will decide to pack it in, to be replaced by those who are far more conservative.

And so we come then to the great state of South Carolina. The good people of South Carolina have succeed in electing what is perhaps the most conservative of Republican House delegations. Anyone of whom would be a vast improvement over the state’s current senior senator, Lindsey Graham. ( And yes, even before you ask, I am including the just elected Mark Sanford in that statement.)

Indeed, the state’s newest senator, Tim Scott, a real conservative, came out of that same vaunted House delegation.

Which brings us to Lindsey Graham.  I need not detail yet again his long list of offenses. They are well known.  He does not represent the beliefs and values of conservative Republicans in South Carolina.  And thus, he needs to go. Period.

Resentment against Graham has been simmering in the state for several years, to the extent that he has already drawn three announced candidates in the primary. Recent polls suggest the extent of his unpopularity:


The three declared candidates: Nancy Mace, Lee Bright, and Richard Cash are NOT by any means our best chance to defeat Graham. I mean them no disrespect by that comment. From what I have read, they are all principled conservatives, and I have  the utmost respect for any man or woman willing to step into the political arena, and offer themselves to the voters, and their lives, and families, to endless scrutiny.

So why has not one of the South Carolina GOP congressmen not yet entered the race against Graham?  Is it not the gentlemanly thing to do?  Perhaps the apple-cart can’t be upset? Are they fearful of losing an all-but safe House seat?

If they truly believe, as they all profess, that we must take regain control of the soul of the Republican party, and elect conservatives, then at least one of the them will soon display the courage to challenge Graham.

One of the life lessons I learned decades ago, as a newly minted USMC lieutenant, was that you lead from the FRONT. It is way past time for either  Joe Wilson, Trey Gowdy, Jeff Duncan, or Mick Mulvaney to demonstrate ( dare I say it?) a “Profile in Courage.”  and enter the senate contest.

If you are convinced that your vision for the country –  limited government and a free economy, is the right path, then step forward and make your case. In South Carolina, conservatives have already demonstrated a great, and growing unhappiness with Graham.

All they lack now is a leader, a candidate, worthy of them.

My personal preference is for Trey Gowdy.  His conservative bona-fides are well established. He is young, articulate, and a superb, exciting campaign orator.

Graham has been building up his campaign coffers for several  years, and has millions at his disposal. In South Carolina, where the media markets are not that expensive, this is not as great an obstacle.

I suspect that if Gowdy announced tomorrow, he would  have no trouble raising the funds needed to run a more than competitive primary. Money would flood in from all over the country. It would be the must-win race for conservatives in 2014. And Gowdy would, in an instant, have an army of volunteers in every corner of the Palmetto State.

The troops are looking for, and deserve, leadership.

It is time to step forward. It is time to lead.