What's the story with the lone House Republican, VA's Scott Rigell, who voted against defunding Obamacare?

The House  just voted to defund Obamacare, by a nearly straight-line party vote. Two Democrats voted with the GOP majority. One of those is Utah’s Jim Matheson. There are two words that readily explain his vote: MIA LOVE.  He narrowly beat her in 2012, and she’s running hard again for the seat.

I assume that  the other Democrat apostate, NC’s Mike McIntyre, is attempting to save his political hide, so that the next “blue dawg” caucus can be held somewhere other than in a telephone booth (assuming they can even find one.)

But what’s the story with the lone Republican to  vote against defunding? Does this in any way relate to the  dynamics of the current gubernatorial race in the state?  Or is he trying to invite a primary opponent?

MORE: Here’s the press release from his office:


Seems that he’s opposed to CR’s on principle. He’s usually a fairly conservative vote. So what gives?