The implications of the GOP failure to defund Obamacare: long term, it could be a really good thing

It appears now that the GOP leadership in Congress lacks the cojones to defund Obamacare if it requires shutting down the government to do so. They are paralyzed by the fear that the voters will blame them for the shutdown, and then toss them out of office.

Erick describes their behavior as “head pats and seal slaps.” True, but for me it’s a far more cynical activity, resembling the old Soviet “maskirovka” technique of deception.

Despite all our efforts to force the leadership to stand and fight, to do the right thing, it’s not certain we will succeed.

It’s therefore necessary, and prudent, to begin to look forward and ponder the effects, both political and economic, of a full implementation of Obamacare in 2014.

Firstly, we will redouble our effort to “take scalps” and primary those Republicans in the House and Senate who have failed to do the job that “we, the people” sent them to Congress to accomplish. We will be successful, and those returning to Congress will get the message. This is the first step towards forcing a change in the GOP leadership in Congress after 2014.

Obamacare begins, and the roll-out will be a disaster of unmitigated proportions. It’s a train wreck unfolding before our eyes. We are already witnessing the spectacle of the AFL-CIO, which heavily pushed for the initial legislation, now, after seeing the potential effects of the law on unions; attempting to either delay it, or secure “exemptions” for its own membership. Yet at the very same time, the AFL-CIO wants to “expand” by bringing progressive groups into the fold: the same progressive forces that view Obamacare as falling short – they want the single payer universal health care model.

Obamacare will hurt the country’s economy for the next several years. There is no doubt about that. It will kill jobs, let alone any chance of real job growth. It will accelerate the trend of turning us into a nation of part-time workers with no benefits.

And that is our message for the 2014 election. You want Obamacare repealed? (as 60% of the people have said.) Give us a Republican Congress, with the right leadership, and we’ll do it.

And to those cynics who point out that Obama would veto any legislation that would repeal Obamacare, we can bring back that great GOP strategist

“Dirty Harry”

fresh from his boffo performance at the 2012 GOP convention, to explain to Obama about deck chairs, the Titanic, and going down with the ship.

The GOP primary race for the 2016 nomination will demand that anyone who hopes to win it will have to absolutely and unequivocally pledge to repeal, reverse, completely dismantle Obamacare, top to bottom. Get rid of the facilitators, fire the 6,000 IRS agents that have been hired to enforce Obamacare ( Hey, there’s a great campaign pledge sure to resonate with the electorate)

Let’s see which Democrats want to run for the WH on the pledge of keeping Obamacare intact. And forget those lame promises to tweak it, amend it.

More importantly, this will show that the vast federal bureaucracy is NOT inviolate, that it can be be stopped, and cut down to size.

It’s been fun, even for conservatives, to laugh at or with Rick Perry, at his “mind freeze” during the debate, when he momentarily forgot the third of the three federal departments he wanted to eliminate. Yet it is sad to remember that Newt and the 1994 Congress also pledged to shut down the Dept. of Education, among others. How’s that worked out for us?

See, Democrats get power, and they push their agenda of an endless, expansive, and all encompassing federal government, to the limit, and beyond. Then the voters correctly get disgusted, toss them out , and the GOP gets in, and for a while stops, or slows, the rate of expansion, and pats themselves on the head for doing so.

It wasn’t that long ago under George Bush that when Republicans wanted to reduce the rate of growth of government spending, Democrats yelled and screamed that this was a CUT to vital programs. Only “Inside the Beltway.” This has got to stop. It’s the slow path towards the end of our nation as we know and love it.

But if we can completely shut down, and dismantle Obamacare, every last vestige of it, then we can finally begin to reduce the size, scope, and impact of the federal government, for our legislators will finally realize that if can be imagined, can be believed, then it is possible to achieve.

And then, Obama may well have begun to “fundamentally transform America,” (dare I say it) the RIGHT way!