Who will remain in power longer: Assad or Boehner?

Events in and around Syria, and the proposed strike continue to unfold like a classic British farce. It’s going somewhere, but right now the audience hasn’t a clue as to the denouement.

But if we pick at a few threads among multitude, there are indeed some interesting data points to examine:

1. Assad is evil. After happily slaughtering over a hundred thousand Syrians, including many women and children, he has, (we think?) used WMDs. Assad must therefor be destroyed. But not really. He will instead be punished(??) by a SMALL, precise, careful surgical strike designed NOT to remove him from power. Clear? Got it?

2. The overwhelming majority of the GOP/conservative/Tea Party base is unalterably opposed to ANY American intervention in, near, around, under, or above Syria. Period. So to, it seems, are 90% or so of Republicans in the Congress.

That is, except for Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor, who for what-knows-ungawdly reasons decided to immediately come out and support Obama’s strike authorization, even before hearings had been held. Whatever were they thinking.

Therefore one can only conclude that this is all a plan to destabilize the GOP congressional leadership.

There were some reports in the MSM last week that Boehner would not run again in 2014. (Be still my heart!!) We don’t know what the Speaker’s plans are.

However, any guesses as to who remains in power longer, Assad or Boehner?

BONUS DIARY (unrelated):

I’m sure that most of your saw the various reports that Obama has already asked the Pentagon to revise plans for the Syrian strike some 50 times.

To those, like myself, for whom Vietnam was the seminal event on our (then) young lives, there is the immediate flashback to the images of LBJ and Defense Secretary Robert Strange (was ever a man more aptly named?) McNamara, sitting in the Oval Office, looking at reconnaissance photos of North Vietnam, and deciding which targets they would allow to be bombed; and all the while Soviet cargo ships were anchored safely in Haiphong harbor, unloading weapons and ammo that would soon be used to kill American troops.

“Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.”

Note: There are pictures of LBJ and McNamara pouring over target photos. I remember them. I searched, but couldn’t find them. If anyone can, and would like to post it in their reply, many thanks