Pop Quiz: Guess when Hillary will say something about Syria, and what will she say?

The one person who’s having a really, REALLY, REALLY bad weekend as the Syrian mess unfolds has yet to utter a peep.

If you think that Obama, or perhaps Kerry, or heck, even Assad, is having a rough week, well…Hillary’s $100k rental for a week in the Hamptons is $$$ down the drain, because she sure isn’t enjoying it.

Just think:

Sec of State Hillary Clinton on “Face the Nation,” March 2011: “Assad’s a reformer.” (Heck, maybe she was just taking her cue from Nancy Pelosi, who, a few years earlier, had actually spent her vacation visiting Syria and hob nobbing with Assad.)

Sec of State John Kerry on “Face the Nation,” yesterday: “Assad has now joined Hitler and Hussein…”


Well, maybe, just maybe, since once before the Clintons asked us to collectively gaze at our navels and contemplate the meaning of the word “is,” perhaps we are now to be treated to a lengthy and learned discourse on the meaning of “reform.”

Obama’s punted to Congress, with the outcome as yet undetermined, but be assured that a significant number of Democrats will oppose any US intervention.

Hillary will have to say SOMETHING this week, before the congressional debate begins..at least to signal the “Ready for Hillary” mob that their vaunted namesake is herself ready for prime time.

But when, and what?