Should conservatives completely ignore MSNBC? (why even bother to waste the time?)

The best advice that anyone can give a person who receives harassing phone calls..you know, the “heavy breathing” type, is to quickly hang up..not say a word, don’t give them the satisfaction of annoying you. Most likely they’ll soon stop..as they get no gratification from being ignored. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s time to start treating the MSNBC universe the same way.

Most every day on Red State, there is at least one diary, if not more, about something that one of the loony leftists said, or did. But why should we even bother to take note, let alone respond? To do so just dignifies idiocy. From tampon earrings, to the racist utterances of Al Sharpton, to Chris Matthews’ daily monologue meltdown…I could go on and on, ad infinitum, or perhaps ad nauseum is more accurate.

We know exactly what they are going to say, heck..we could probably write their lines in advance. They appeal to only to a limited hard left mindset, and audience. There is no possibility of discussion, no honest debate. You can’t argue with a closed door, let alone a closed mind.

Go back a decade or so. The talk everywhere was of the rise of the “netroots.” They were going to change politics forever, and dominate the Democrat party. MoveOn.org, and the DailyKos were everywhere. Democrat leaders paid them homage, deferred to them.

Now, they barely ever get a mention in any serious conservative conversation. As one who reads Red State regularly, I think I’ve only ever seen them discussed is as an afterthought in a few of Labor Union Report’s superb diaries.

It’s hard to believe that Chris Matthews’s once was a guest host for Rush Limbaugh. (Of course, it’s equally hard to fathom that Rush actually did a commercial for the NY Times, but he did. Yep. F’sure!)

But whenever Chris dives completely off the deep end, it often seems, judging by the extensive comments in the right wing media/blogosphere, that 50% of his audience must consist of conservatives.

I used to read the New York Times daily, practically cover to cover. I haven’t opened the paper once..nor read it extensively on line, in over a decade. I mean, Maureen Dowd is the best they have? Charles Blow (was there ever a more aptly named columnist?) And I miss it not one whit.

As I mentioned above, no one on our side pays any attention anymore to The DailyKos, or MoveOn.org, so it’s time to do the same to MSNBC.

I mean, they’re actually BRINGING BACK Ed Schultz….