What do Tiger Woods and Hillary Clinton have in common?

Actually, quite a lot.

OK..I’ll cut to the chase early. It’s the gosh-darn inevitability thing.

In 2008, when Tiger Woods won the US Open, it was his 14th “major” golf victory, and already they were attempting to guess just when he’d win his 19th major, and break the career record held by Jack Nicklaus.

Indeed, back then if you were inclined to place a bet..the odds were 1-3. For the benefit of those who don’t wager, that means that if you felt that Tiger would break the record, and wanted to back up your opinion with some $$$, you had to bet $3 to win $1.

Funny how things have a way of changing..Right now it’s even money if Tiger ever wins ONE more major, let alone 5 of them.

So, one can ask…exactly what happened to the Tiger? Well, there were a few things:

1. He went nuts, gonzo..you know the whole thing with the serial adultery….multiple girlfriends, endless partying.
2. He had some health issues..specifically with his knees..which is hard, to say the least, for a golfer.
3. He just got older. 65 may be the new 40, or whatever the latest mantra is nowadays. but we all do age; it’s just that each of us does so differently.
4. New contenders appeared. In 2008, when he won his last major, (just to name a few..) Rory McIlroy was 18, Keegan Bradley was 21, Jordan Speith was 15, Webb Simpson was 22, Harris English was 18.

Well, we’ve pretty much been told since 2008 that Hillary was next..it was her turn, after Obama snatched it out from under her (Oh wait, wasn’t she “inevitable” back then as well?) I mean, after all, Maureen Dowd says it’s so.

Who says that America doesn’t embrace royalty? She’s been coronated..proclaimed…why even bother to have an election. Indeed, they’ve already laid out the line of succession. Primogeniture, anyone? Chelsea will run for something, soon, en route to her own run for the Oval Office in, say.. 2028. I fully expect an editorial any day in the Huffington Post to suggest that we just skip the election, and use the several billion that we save to, well…help bail out Detroit, perhaps?

So just what could possibly go wrong this time? Well, from the lessons we’ve learned from Tiger..

1. She could go bonkers. One wonders if the whole Huma/Weiner thing isn’t making her more than a little nuts, for lots of reasons. And there’s a supposed recording out there of Monica Lewinski talking about well..doing the “Lewinski” to Bill. And let’s be honest here, does ANYONE really think that Bubba has kept his zipper shut all these years…that something isn’t gonna come out. Betsey Wright, please call Chappaqua collect.
2. Hillary appears to be in good health, and we hope that continues. But, as we age, more things just crop up, tend to go wrong, break down. Stuff happens. Here’s just one statistic, from the American Heart Association: in women age 60-79, 70.9% of have SOME type of cardio-vascular heart disease Any hint of a medical problem, any diagnosis, could be fatal to her campaign. Remember when Cheney was picked for VP? And unlike with FDR and JFK, today, it’s virtually impossible to cover that up.
3. She’s old, and getting older. In a recent diary here on Red State “16 Reasons Why Hillary Is Poised to Win In 2016” the always estimable Myra Adams opines that Hillary’s age isn’t a factor at all; indeed it could actually work to her benefit. I hesitate to disagree with Ms. Adams, but in this case, I must. And it’s NOT ageism.

If Hillary were elected in 2016, she would be the SAME age as Golda Meir when she became Prime Minister of Israel. Come on, do we really see this as her campaign slogan?

“In these stressful times, America NEEDS a ‘bubula!'”

We are a youth driven culture..( and for that we can thank Democrat dominated Hollywood and the rest of the MSM ) and Hillary is not aging well. The pressures and stresses of a 2 year campaign, even if she’s handed the Democrat nomination, will take their toll. She’ll appear tired, and coupled with with the increasing trend to seem dowdy, and frumpy..and when faced with a younger, more vigorous opponent, well..

4.Just as Tiger must fend off challenges from younger players, Hillary will have to confront far more vibrant and vigorous GOP challengers. In 2007, when she was first running flat out for the nomination, who had ever heard of Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, or Scott Walker.

But lest my fellow Red Staters feel that I’m not being totally serious here, or even, heavens forbid, somewhat snarky, let me add two other very important reasons why she won’t win:

1. She offers the voters NO clear reason for electing her, other than “come on, people, it’s my turn now,” and “It’s time for a woman in the Oval Office.” What does she offer the American people, other than an interminable debate over what to call Bill: “First husband?” and endless discussion about if she’ll let him set foot in the Oval Office, and who will pick the WH interns?

2. Barack Obama beat her in 2008, and Obama will beat her again. The economy will be in miserable shape by 2016..Obamacare..unless the GOP kills it before, will be making millions miserable.. The Middle east/War on Terror continues to escalate..the vaunted “Arab Spring” and Obama’s entire foreign policy is a laughingstock. And Hillary ran the State Dept while this was all happening. She can’t run away from it, form all things Obama..and America is NOT going to vote for a third Obama term.


OK..if you’ve read this far, you’re most likely asking…explain the A-Rod inference, dude? Well, OK..

It turns out that A-Rod may well have been juicing his entire career..going back to his high school days in south Florida..and not just the one time he’s ‘fessed up to. Therefore, his ENTIRE body of work…all the HRs, RBI’s..is now suspect. He’s a complete fraud, a phony. I have a better chance of getting into Cooperstown than he does. ( I can buy a ticket..his ego won’t allow him to do that.)

The 2016 campaign may well turn out to be a complete examination, and re-examination, of all things Clinton..going back to the beginning..the good old days in Arkansas. In 2008, that never happened. She announced, and was posed to accept the nomination by acclamation, then..Obama happened..and it became all about him..and the idea, the magic, the symbolism of electing the first black ( or half-white) president.

Everyone forgets what a terrible, gawd-awful campaign she ran. ( Sort of a preview of how she was going to run the State Dept.)Remember her pathetic attempt at affecting a southern drawl when appearing with the veterans of the Selma march?

Benghazi is going to come out …all of it. And, like A-Rod, Hillary will turn out to be the Gertrude Stein candidate..“there’s no there, there.”

2016 may finally give us the answer to that age-old question, “The Lady or the Tiger?”

Hopefully, it will be neither.

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