Pigs fly!!! Media Matters' David Brock supports Reince Preibus; calls on CNN and NBC to drop plans for miniseries on Hillary Clinton

Pigs do fly!
A stopped clock is right twice a day!
Even a blind pig can find an acorn!
This week’s sign that the apocalypse is NOT upon us as yet?

I truly don’t know what to think, let alone say about this. I’m well and truly gobsmacked.

Yesterday, conservatives were generally cheering RNC head Reince Preibus’ demand that CNN and NBC scrub heir planned miniseries on Hillary Clinton, else he would move to keep GOP presidential primary debates off their platforms.

(If you missed it, here’s the link to Moe Lane’s diary on it yesterday….with lots of good commentary by Red Staters)

And today, we are greeted with the news that that most vile person, David Brock, the founder of uber-left leaning Meida Matters, well..he agrees with Moe, and Reince.

Read it here, including the text of Brock’s letter to the networks.

I have ZERO desire to crawl into Brock’s sewer of a mind, but it seems (from the gist of the last paragraph of his letter) that he is attempting to save the networks from themselves..

Whassupwidat? Is it possible that Moe’s brilliant analysis convinced Brock?

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