Tom Cotton for Senate in 2014, and then for President in 2016

I thought I’d let my fellow Red Staters in on a little secret.

British bookmakers have for years offered odds on American elections. Right now, it is actually possible to place a bet with a UK bookie that one of the following persons will in fact be the next president of the United States:

Clint Eastwood, Eva Longoria, Chelsea Clinton, George Clooney, Alec Baldwin, Karl Rove, Chris Matthews, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and (my own personal favorite) Nate Silver.

You can check out the complete list, including all the likely names, here. It’s fun.

But there is one name that is conspicuous by its absence. That of Arkansas’ freshman representative, and soon to be senator, Tom Cotton.

I wonder what odds you could get? At least 1000-1. I would so love to wager a few bucks on that proposition.

The GOP field for 2016 is now wide open. There are several possible candidates that would be very attractive for conservatives..Cruz, Paul, Rubio, Perry..among others. The background for this race is the battle for the soul of the GOP..between the Tea-party base, and the GOP establishment. Each so far has their strong advocates, as well as impassioned detractors..

But there is one individual who has so far been able to attract support from both camps, and that is Tom Cotton. He’s going to win his senate race easily, and as the GOP presidential primary season becomes more contentious, and we see the first casualties, it’s quite possible that we might see a new face emerge.

Cotton has the background, the resume, and equally important, the ability to connect with the people. Just look for any of his speeches on YouTube. You’ll be impressed.

There are two more reasons why he’ll continue to rise in the polls:

1. The War on Terror is not going well under Obama, and will continue to worsen. Who better to bring a new vision for success than a recent combat commander in that same war.

2. Cotton just happens to be single. If you want to talk about media excitement, and attracting the interest of young, single females to the political process, well just imagine a bachelor presidential candidate.

Any Red Stater planning a trip across the pond, or who has family/friends in the UK..please let me know..I’d love to get a wager down now..