If Riley Cooper is getting a time-out from the Eagles, then why wasn't "Sheets" Byrd "suspended" from the Senate?

Philadelphia Eagles WR Riley Cooper is having a really, really rotten week. A while back. while attending a Kenny Chesney concert, a very drunk Cooper was caught on camera saying the dreaded “N” word, while referring angrily to a black security guard. The video has since surfaced, and Cooper has become the left’s new poster boy for all that is supposedly wrong in evil, racist, America.

I’m not defending Cooper, it was wrong of him, but it seems likely that they want his head AND his career as the price for his sins. It’s Cooper’s personal “macaca” moment.

Anyone who has spent any time in and around sports, be it at the high school, college, or professional level, knows two things:

1. There is considerable bonding among teammates, regardless of race. You’re in the trenches, and the showers together.
2. Slurs are an accepted form of, well, banter, be it “nigger” or “fag,” or “honky,” or “cracker.”

If the NFL is going to discipline/suspend/counsel every player every time one of those words is uttered, then get ready for 7 man flag football on Sundays in the near future.

And, oh, yeah, by the way…in case everyone’s forgotten it, here’s the video of that esteemed statesman, Sen Robert “Sheets” Byrd..former Senate majority leader, President Pro Tempore of the US Senate, AND former proud member of the KKK….referring to “white niggars” on national television in an interview with the late Tony Snow of FOX news.

“Sheets” explains it like it really is

Was Bryd reprimanded by his colleagues in the Senate? Was he made to sit in the well of the Senate for a few days with a sheet over his head? Was “Sheets” sent to the Greenbriar for a time-out to sober up? Was he sent for couseling?

No, no, no, and no!

Author’s note: Watching the video made me remember that we just passed, on July 12th, the fifth anniversary of Tony Snow’s death. A class act, one of the really good guys..he is sorely missed. Conservatives rejoiced when his appointment as Bush’s press secretary was announced, for no longer would we be forced to watch the hapless Scott McClellan get pummeled daily by the MSM. Snow put them in their place, at times forcefully, as with the late Helen Thomas, but more often with humor. Nothing better exemplifies the total disintegration of any sense of comity in Washington than that a true gentlemen such as Snow is followed a few short years later by the likes of hacks such as Robert Gibbs and Jay Carney.

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