About that Wyoming GOP primary: Liz Cheney already has a big win!

As Democrats and the MSM rejoice in GOP intramural politics, attempting to convince themselves that the Republicans are replicating the rift between Henry VIII and the Pope; one fascinating fact is being completely overlooked: Liz Cheney already has points on the board.

Consider the timeline:

Cheney makes her formal announcement on July 16, not mentioning Enzi by name, but instead talking about the need for new, vigorous people in the Senate, people who will not “go along to get along,” but instead, vigorously oppose Obama and his policies.

A scant week later, on July 22, Sen Mike Lee, on the Senate floor, calls for his fellow Republicans to pledge to defund Obamacare by any means possible, including refusing to agree to ANY Continuing Resolution if it includes money for Obamacare.

Co-signers of Lee’s letter include Rubio, Cruz, Paul, Risch, Fischer, Thune, Grassley, Vitter, Inhofe, and, yes..wait for it…..Enzi.

Several, including Cornyn, Kirk, and Wicker, originally signed, then later reneged, in a craven display of political cowardice. McConnell is still polling.

But, BUT..does anyone think that Enzi would have jumped onto this repeal/defund bandwagon so rapidly if Cheney had not just declared her candidacy.

Indeed, Enzi’s boast that the vast majority of GOP senators support his candidacy only serves to give credence to Cheney’s claim that fresh new blood is needed in the Senate

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