Ed Koch: "How'm I doing?.......Anthony Weiner: "Who'm I doing?"

Anthony Weiner should immediately drop out of the race for Mayor of NYC, and move his family to Detroit, and run for mayor there.

It’s a perfect campaign slogan: “Motor Mouth for the Motor City.”

The citizens of Detroit will embrace Weiner, because he has succeeded in deflecting public attention from their problems.

But alas, Weiner won’t drop out (for now)…which is too bad, because the NYC tabloids won’t get the chance to run the absolute best headline ever:


But amid the farce, let’s realize that in one regard, Detroit actually has it over NYC:

Detroit’s path to ruin began when it elected the worst possible person, Coleman Young, a vile racist, to run the city. Weiner is flawed, desperately so, yet he is far and away the BEST option of the Democrats running in the primary. The others are a combination of far-left ideologues and political hacks, who will cede control of the city to the municipal unions and the lunatic fringe of the Democrat coalition. Witness that most of them feel the key issue facing the city is ending the very effective “stop and frisk” policy” of the NYPD. That’s just the ticket…they want NYC to be more, like….Chicago..

Snap poll: When Weiner does withdraw…….

a. Spouse Huma won’t be standing alongside
b. She will, but wearing a burka

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