Which will happen first: Holder's DoJ indicts Zimmerman, or Obama vetoes Keystone pipeline?

That’s the problem with perpetually kicking the can down the road. You’ll either eventually run out of road, or cans.

Last year, before the election, Obama yet again put off a long promised decision on the Keystone Pipeline, to avoid antagonizing either the unions (who wanted the 25,000+ jobs it would create) or the environmentalist groups who are a key core constituency. He accomplished this by getting Hillary Clinton’s State Dept to do yet another review of god knows what. Hey, maybe that’s why we had four Americans killed at Benghazi. Hillary was far too preoccupied studying the treaty implications of Keystone to be bothered looking at the security conditions of our diplomatic outposts in hell-holes like Libya.

At the time I wrote here that Obama would delay any decision on Keystone until AFTER the 2014 mid-term election. It looks like I might actually have called that one correctly.

Now, in the wake of the Zimmerman acquittal, blacks, who are Obama’s key constituency, are increasingly calling on the Justice Dept to indict him for violating Trayvon’s civil rights. Rev Jackson has called Florida the first “apartheid” state. Rev Al is planning riots, er..demonstrations in 100 cities. Multiple blacks are promising, er..threatening to boycott Florida. (Wait a second…didn’t the NAACP “boycott” South Caroline about 10 years ago? It’s still supposedly in effect.) The Black Caucus is starting to weigh in with the same demands.

Obama, after initially interjecting himself into the case (“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”) is now running away from the case faster than Dwight Howard ran from the Lakers. He’s attempting to leave it all in Holder’s hands. Good luck with that.

Again, I’m predicting that there is no way that the decision will be announced until AFTER the mid term election. It gets Obama off the hook, and the issue may work to increase black turnout at the polls. (Hint: Watch what Mary Landrieu says about the decision)

For Obama, it’s not only WHEN he announces these decisions, but which way he comes down on them. In May, at a press conference, when asked about Benghazi, Obama channeled Gertrude Stein, and attempted to quip, “there’s no there, there” in response to multiple GOP criticisms of his actions.”

He unknowingly wrote his own political epitaph, for no phrase better describes his presidency. His one accomplishment: he got Jimmy Carter out of the doghouse.

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