"Gray's Dichotomy": DC Mayor must decide this week to veto anti-Walmart "living wage bill"

Well, those wonderful folks who gave us Detroit are poised once again to display the same blinding stupidity, and mind numbing devotion to far left orthodoxy, and blow-up the chance to provide their constituents with much needed retail outlets, and, oh yeah…. thousands of desperately needed jobs.

The saga is well known..no need to dwell at length again on the details. DC Mayor Vincent Gray has until the end of this week to decide if he will veto the DC city council’s “living wage law,” which would force WalMart to pay its employees a much higher minimum wage than any other retailer doing business in the district. (Unless he borrows a tactic from Obama and “delays implementing his veto” until, say, 2015.)

But dig a little deeper, and there are two subplots which haven’t really been explored.

1. WalMart planned for six stores in DC. Three are near completion. This probably explains why the council decided to pass the law at the last minute: they assumed that WalMart wouldn’t walk away from those stores, and would be forced to go ahead and comply with the law. That why the dumbest of the dumb, at-large Councilman Victor Orange felt emboldened last week to proclaim that “We (the District and its residents) are at a point where we don’t need retailers; retailers need us.”

Yup. F’sure. Right on, bro! I’m not even going to bother pointing out everything that is wrong in and with that statement. If all politics is indeed local, it’s obscene that this idiot could be elected, unless..to borrow another maxim, the residents of DC are in fact getting the government they deserve.

But to think that WalMart won’t pull the plug on all SIX stores defies logic. If they went ahead with the three already under construction, and agreed to the living wage act, they would be committing corporate suicide. It’s not gonna happen, period. Except in the Orange universe.

2. Gray has yet to announce if he’s running for re-election. The only way he doesn’t run is if Obama gives him a federal position somewhere. And if Gray vetoes the bill, then every liberal constituency in the District will unite in opposition, and he’ll lose.

After all, that’s how Gray got to be mayor in the first place. His predecessor, Adrian Fenty, faced with a school system in total collapse, appointed Michelle Rhee as chancellor. She took on the special interests, especially the teachers union, upset the apple cart, and was pilloried for her efforts. She was forced out..and Fenty lost the primary to Gray.

It’s the same hard left playbook, and unless Gray actually WANTS out of DC, he won’t veto the bill.

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