The chickens are beginning to come home to roost: MSNBC can't fire Al Sharpton

When, in 2011, Al Sharpton was given the gig as host of a 6PM show, “Politics Nation” there was considerable comment, in even the MSM, as to what possibly were the suits at MSNBC smoking, let alone thinking?

Sharpton is the consummate race hustler. Among his many “accomplishments,” he is a tax cheat, and responsible for the Tawana Bradley hoax that racially inflamed the nation. Yet he’s now been given the keys to one hour of airtime daily on MSNBC, not to mention numerous appearances on other NBC news shows…including a key role on this past Sunday’s “Meet the Press.”

Sharpton has finally, in the Trayvon Martin shooting, and the subsequent trial, and acquittal of George Zimmerman, found the “cause celebre” for which he’s been searching for more than a decade. Sharpton “discovered” the shooting, after it had been a minor local news item for several weeks, and was the prime motivator for Zimmerman’s indictment. He is now on a mission to get the Obama/Holder Justice Dept. to bring civil rights charges against Zimmerman, and to that end he is busy organizing riots…..er demonstrations, around the country.

Sharpton is not a journalist, he is not even a commentator; he is a hard left racial activist He is also one more thing: The Rev Al is 100% bulletproof. When he was given the host job at MSNBC, I opined that one day, in the near future they’re gonna wake up and realize, “OMG…we can’t fire him.”

This won’t end well, these ginned-up protests about the Zimmerman verdict. There will be demonstrations, and they will turn into riots. There will be extensive property damage, and even loss of life. And smack dab in the middle of all of it will be the Rev Al, broadcasting his show nightly from ground zero, surrounded by the mob.

And NBC/MSNBC will see what little credibility it has left completely erode. If you saw MTP Sunday, after Rev Al’s 10 minutes or so of spewing nonsense and racial vitriol, Savannah Guthrie, the network’s legal correspondent, (and no conservative she,) completely dissected, eviscerated and dismissed Sharpton’s comments as just plain WRONG. Yet, the Rev Al was back on air a few minutes later as part of the panel..

Be assured, MSNBC will soon realize that they have a Frankenstein on their hands, and they have no idea how to control it. I suspect that Tom Brokaw might well be the one to deliver the ultimatum: “he goes or I go!”

It’s gonna be ugly, and will not end well for the peacock. More than a few feathers will be ruffled and lost. More like whatever credibility they had left.