Yes, Boehner must go. Here's an idea: Jim DeMint for Speaker

There is an absolutely fascinating article at “Roll Call” today..

“Boehner takes heat from Club for Growth, Heritage Action”

Definitely worth the read, it delves into the stress lines between GOP leadership and the caucus. I’ve written here often that Boehner needs to go, for multiple reasons, which need not be enumerated yet again. But the problem is, OK, he’s out, but now what…. who do you replace him with?

The rest of the leadership isn’t much better, and the struggles of a palace coup would fracture the GOP caucus. Besides, I can’t see Cantor or McCarthy mounting a challenge. There are a great many solid conservative Republicans in the House, but they lack the stature to be Speaker. Paul Ryan would have been a runaway, hands-down choice, and might have entertained the race, except his recent support for amnesty legislation has negated that opportunity.

The founding fathers, in their awesome wisdom, did not require that the Speaker of the House be an elected Representative. So, we think outside the box.

The GOP House caucus holds a vote of no-confidence in the Speaker. Boehner would, I believe, then step down as Speaker ( and likely resign from the House). The caucus then elects Jim DeMint as Speaker. He’d easily win an overwhelming majority.

I knows that DeMint left the Senate because he was tired of the ways of Washington, especially having to deal with both Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell on a daily basis. The offer from Heritage was ideal, just what he wanted, not to mention being very rewarding financially.

But, Senator, your country needs you yet again. You could put together a powerful, conservative leadership team in the House, finally get rid of the old-bull RINOs who still dominate some committees. And then you would be a powerful voice for the conservative agenda and philosophy.

Yes, the Senate frustrated you, but look at what you managed to accomplish. Lee, Cruz, Rubio ( yes, I must include him) Portman, Scott, and several others are now in the Senate because of your efforts.

Just think what you could accomplish with the House of Representatives.