Erick..if you're still looking for some good candidates..invite Becky Gerritson to Red State 2013, then have her announce for the Senate race in 2016.

We all sat spellbound watching the testimony of individuals who were harassed by the IRS, as the agency targeted conservative groups. The most compelling comments came from Becky Gerritson, the self described “born free American woman, wife, mother, and citizen,” who heads the Wetumpka, Alabama Tea Party.

She eloquently told the House panel that tens of millions of Americans believe that government has “forgotten its place.”

So here’s a suggestion…actually two..

1. Invite her to speak at RedState 2013. She’ll rock the house.

2. Soon after, announce the formation of a committee to run her for the GOP senate nomination in 2016. It’s way past time for Shelby to retire..originally a Democrat, he’s been in DC waay to long. He’s not been effective in espousing, and supporting conservative principals. Yes, it’s a pre-emptive strike, but that’s how we start to take back our governemnt, and our nation.

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