Hey MSM, here's a thought: Demand that the meetings with Holder be open, broadcast on C-span

We learn today that AG Eric Holder, acting on instructions from Obama, will, over the next few days, meet with news media chiefs to discuss the DoJ’s policies for issuing media subpoenas. These meetings will be a precusor to more in depth discussions over the upcoming weeks. Which MSM willl be participating has yet to be announced.

Well, since it appears that the administration has violated several of our “inalienable rights,” and that the MSM is always caterwauling about the need for openness, they should insist, nay, DEMAND that these meeting be open; indeed that C-span should broadcast them live.

Remember all the demands that the Supreme Court allow live broadcasts from inside the court? Well what’s more important than a debate about freedom of the press?

Roger Ailes..if you request it..they can’t refuse. Here’s your opportunity..

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