An open letter to George Will: Time to save your reputation, and possibly your soul, and quit "This Week"

Dear George,

I like you. I really do. I’ve long admired your intellect, your historical perspective on current events, your superb gifts as a writer. And the bow-ties. And of course, your passion for baseball, the one truly great American past-time. I know that you occasionally ( or perhaps more often than that) exasperate many of my fellow conservatives, but I’m inclined to cut you some slack when you stray off the reservation.

So, George, as an admitted fan…..can we talk?

For years, I’ve recorded “This Week” for ONLY one reason: to hear what you have to say. And for the most part, it’s been worth fast-forwarding through everything else. But George, after viewing the last few weeks “in toto,” as a fan, I have to tell you; it’s way past time to leave “This Week.”

It is painful to watch you, as part of a panel, sit across from political-hack-turned-faux-journalist George Stephanopoulos, as he choreographs the talking-head symphony. It resembles a kindergarten “show and tell” class.

“Look panel,” says George S. “Here we have the latest scandal involving the Obama administration. But Democrats accuse House Republicans of playing politics and over-reaching? George Will, is there anything to these Democrat charges? And you have 15 seconds to comment, George.”

Oh come on. Really? George, do you need this?

But it was this past Sunday that really crystallized it for me, George. Let’s go to the videotape. (And I hope you do review tapes of your appearances). Here you are, calmly, dispassionately attempting, in a few seconds, to dispense reason and logic, and perched next to you, like some evil bobble-head, we have Katrina vanden Heuvel, squinting, grimacing and clenching her hands as she struggles mightily with the overwhelming desire to reach over and rip your face off.

And then there are the many times when some other member of the panel is uttering something that is just incredibly stupid, and the camera decides to sneak a shot of you, George, rolling your eyes. It’s almost as good as when Brit Hume rolls his eyes at most anything that comes out of Juan Williams’ mouth. I must admit, George, that you have developed your eye-rolling technique to a near-art form, but to what end?

George, I fully get it: the check from ABC is nice. But surely, at this point in your very successful career, you don’t really need the cash, and besides, assorted taxes probably take about 50% of whatever they pay you.

Now you may well believe that it’s your well-paid duty to attempt to present a lone conservative viewpoint on a show that is heavily stacked with Democrats/liberals/progressives….But it doesn’t work, George. All you’re doing is demeaning yourself. You know:

Lie down with dogs, get fleas.

Wallow in the mud with the pigs, get dirty..

No need to belabor the point, George, you get the idea..

So, George, ’tis most definitely time to depart from “This Week.”

I would commend to you the (revised) words of Malcolm, from Macbeth:

“Nothing in his (talking-head) career could become him like the leaving it.”

But George, I don’t want you to go gently into that MSM night. You have much to much to offer. So, here’s an idea. It’s obvious that a blog is just not your thing. But a podcast would definitely work. 30 minutes, an hour..once a week..just your thoughts..possibly with a guest.

Think “Firing Line.”

It would work, George, it really would. You’d be awesome.

Thanks for listening, George.

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